Side view of Gamcha Farm

Lovely Garden and cozy enviroment. Experience Nepal with Sobogaard's Organic Taste. Photo was taken in 31October 2010

Namaste! Warm Welcome

Little Boy "Tassi" invites you to come n feel the hospitality at Gamcha Organic Farm, Photo was taken in July 21 2009

We Love Organic

Lady from AAA Womens Cooperative, who is practicing Organic since 1988, Everyday we collect vegetables in our Yard an sell it to Kathmandu- Hotels and Resturants.

Its the Elderflower and Little bug! Earth is home for all livings creature so lets live together n spread smile.

Photo was taken in 6th Feburary 2011.

Everything Organic, Quick Overview to Sobogaard's Gamcha farm and its Products,

Photos with different dates.

AAA Womens Co-Operative , Group Photo taken after ICS Training Near Gamcha Farm

Photo was taken in 17th Feburary 2011

With lovely Smile, Little Princess Leda from Denmark,

Photo was taken in the November 02, 2010.

Smile! Group Photo before Departure,

Photo was taken in 30th October 2011

Black Berry Harvesting by Staff Purnalal

Photo was taken in the year 2010 May 21