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JUST A SHORT DRIVE AWAY from Kathmandu, down a wonderfully smooth road beyond New Thimi, is situated a “little paradise on earth”,’ Sobogaard’s Gamcha Organic farm in Gamcha Village, Bhaktapur.

Coming through the farm gates, you feel as though you have entered a different world. An Old Red and White Rana house stands proudly overlooking the lush green farm premises. A Moo-ing cows,rooster cock -a-doodle-doo, naa-ing goat, hear tweeting birds and the ribbit-ing frog in the evening. Apart from this occasional airplane that flies by the Gamcha farm looks, sounds, smells, and feels natural and healthy.

Organic foods are grown using natural alternatives to chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Organic farming methods can produce excellent crops, help preserve and replenish the soil, and pose fewer risks to the environment and human health.


On Gamcha Organic farm, these healthy farming techniques produce some very special fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Chestnuts are a rarity in Nepal, but flourish on this farm. Some of their other specialty products are Japanese pears, avocados, blackberries, and plums.

Dairy products are also a highlight of the farm’s produce. Two cows and two calves provide milk, manure, and lots of moo-ing. The farm’s milk, cheese, cream, and cream cheese are all very popular with customers.

Besides offering fruits, vegetables, and dairy products, the farm makes jam from excess fruits; pesto sauce, which uses basil as a key ingredient; and herbal teas. One of these combines lemongrass, rosemary, basil and chamomile.


The farm, now provides employment to six staff. Two of the staff members are women, At any one time, there are five or six workers tending to the farm. We have limited space available so if you are thinking to receive farm stay package please make reservation first with our travel partner. Cost for staying in Farm 800 per person for Breakfast set, 800 per person for lunch set, and 900 per person for Dinner set and for room 1000 per person per night. Thanks

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