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Welcome to the world of organic Farming in Nepal!,
Since the beginning of the project we have purposed Gamcha farm as center for Organic Training in Nepal, so the people who are interested in getting knowledge about Organic, can come and learn with us. Our program is designed to help you understand the National Organic Standards and use them as your framework for making the transition to organic production. It's just right for farmers who are set to make the complete transition to certified organic, and for those interested in simply integrate more sustainable methods into their current farming system. If you just want to study further about how certified organic farming works? The course can help there, too. Basically we teach you following so you be able to start your own.

• The fundamental principles of organic agriculture.
• Practical details about organic crop and livestock production.
• Marketing opportunities available to organic producers.
• Recordkeeping and other specific requirements of organic certification.

Thus when you set your mind for this feel free to contact us.
Between the training program courses you will also be offered with local farmers visit, by which you will be directly interacting with farmers around and see their livelihood.

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